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Ovarian Cancer: Symptoms

Ovarian Cancer: There is hope!

Manja Gideon Foundation

The objective of the Manja Gideon Foundation is to advance widespread awareness and knowledge of ovarian cancer and its symptoms for those affected and their families, interested individuals, physicians and organizations. In addition, the charitable foundation promotes measures and projects for research, improved prevention and treatment of the disease.

Our founder, Manja Gideon, aimed to bring the disease out of the shadows and into public awareness, sparing other women what led to her own loss of life: “I would like to enable those who are affected to ask doctors the right questions. If even one single life were to be saved through my foundation, I would be the happiest of women.”

Symptoms of ovarian cancer are often mistaken for those of other, less serious ailments. Being aware of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer can save lives!

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